Since 2007, Black Holes is the answer to your governance and business challenges under space law.

This company provides professional advice and tailor-made modules, connecting the legal parameters and ramifications in a no-nonsense manner to the broader aspects of any space activity or application.

Find out how Black Holes can boost your professional activities.

Whether you need specific advice on legal issues, or a workshop for your entire department, your project deserves its own tailored service.
Black Holes offers a variety of services for any space activity or application:

  • researching, analyzing and evaluating the legal, regulatory, policy and political framework
  • conducting legal reality checks and presenting results by way of reports and presentations
  • providing advice and recommendations on future actions
  • developing, offering and monitoring tailor-made modules and self-study programmes for professionals
  • organizing meetings, workshops and addressing audiences on legal, regulatory, policy and political aspects
Black Holes can rely on extensive project experience, varying from limited assignments to the legal work in multimillion-euro research projects. Clients have included governments, space agencies, international organizations (both intergovernmental and non-governmental) and private companies.

For reasons of confidentiality, in many cases the details of projects and project results cannot be shared. In such cases, you may contact Black Holes for more information.

To get an impression of past projects, select your category of interest below. Use ctrl-F or cmd-F to search in each category.
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International governance & cooperation

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National & regional space law & policy

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Space applications & science

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The moon & other celestial bodies

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Space & security

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Theory of law & ethics










Are you a professional who is regularly confronted with legal issues related to space activities and applications – such as a government official with a space department, a program manager at a space agency, a commercial manager in the space industry, or a journalist writing about space – but not a legal expert? The THIRTY-MINUTE TUTORIALS™ which Black Holes offer tell you everything you really need to know about key subjects in roughly half an hour.

The THIRTY-MINUTE TUTORIALS™ are tailored to introduce those with little or no experience with law in general, or space law in particular into the relevant topics; the use of legal jargon will be limited to the absolute minimum and as necessary explained, and will also clarify how the law relates to activities, developments and scenarios in the ‘real world’ of space activities and major space applications.
You will get:

  • A link for 30-day access for up to 5 times to the 30-minute presentation on the topic by Frans von der Dunk, one of the world’s leading experts on space law, consisting of slides and spoken commentary and explanation.
  • A pdf with links to freely available sources on the internet, such as relevant legal documents and writings as well as some printed publications, for further reading.
  • The opportunity to ask follow-up questions by e-mail to Frans von der Dunk, which will be answered as much as possible within 7 days following reception.

€79 / €39*

€189 / €109*


Click on icons to order the Thirty-Minute Tutorials of your choice.
* Early Bird rate: enroll before 1 December 2018. Use DISCOUNT3 or DISCOUNT6 as discount codes when purchasing 3 or 6 tutorials respectively.
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Space Tourism and The Law

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Space Mining and The Law

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Space Colonization and The Law

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Space Debris and The Law

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The Outer Space Treaty

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The Liability Convention

During lecture periods for the Space, Cyber and Telecom Law Programme, Frans can also be contacted at the College of Law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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