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Mission statement

Black Holes: juridisch en politiek advies op het gebied van ruimtevaartNow there’s a look in your eyes / Like black holes in the sky

‘Black holes’ constitute a famous phenomenon in astronomy. Gravitational fields exist amongst the stars which are so powerful that they even suck in all the light and all the energy flung in its direction. In my career I have regularly experienced that far too little attention – or even none at all – was paid at the outset to outlining and analyzing the applicable legal, regulatory, institutional, policy and political framework for a project concerning outer space activities or their applications here down on Earth, in the broadest sense of the word. Such original omissions then turn out to work like black holes, sucking up unnecessary hours, efforts and resources…

It is the mission of Black Holes precisely to provide timely professional advice and tailor-made tutorials , connecting the legal parameters and ramifications in a no-nonsense manner to the broader policy, political, economic, commercial, operational and technical aspects of any space activity or application, thereby allowing you to avoid such black holes...

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