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No one stands as tall as a rocket - another relict of the Cold War-past now on display at the Makarov Machine Building Plant at Dnepropetrovsk, November 2006.

The Soviet type-number was K-63, with "K" for "Kosmos" and turned into a civil launcher. The Western 'name' was SS-4 or SS-5, depending upon usage. Further in the picture, amongst others, Prof. Nipant Chitasombat (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok), Maria Buzdugan (McGill Institute of Air and Space Law, Montreal), Prof. Elisabeth Back-Impallomeni (University of Padua), Prof. Gennady Zhukov (People's Friendship University, Moscow), Niklas Hedman (UNOOSA, Vienna), Prof. Ram Jakhu (McGill Institute of Air and Space Law, Montreal), Prof. Joanne Gabryoniwcz (University of Oxford, Mississippi), Dr. Michael Gerhard (German Aerospace Center), Prof. Natalya Malysheva (International Center for Space Law, Kyiv), Prof. Vladimir Kopal (University of Pilsen), Prof. José Monserrat Filho (Brazilian Society of Space Law), Prof. Anatoly Kapustin (People's Friendship University, Moscow), Anna Burzykowska (Poland), Prof. Armel Kerrest de Rozavel (University of Western Brittany), Sergiy Negoda (UNOOSA, Vienna).

©Jakhu, 2006, published with kind permission.