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"There IS no 'dark side of the moon'. Matter of fact, it's ALL dark." Explaining space law to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"Oh by the way - I loved the gallery - so it was YOU who explained European Law to Tony Blair - but we forgive you." Lyn Dutton, Assistant Director Aerospace & Defence Systems Technologies at the UK Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform in London, by e-mail 23 October 2007.

"I could not resist swiping this from the Black Holes website - Prof. von der Dunk explaining space law to a delighted-looking Prime Minister Tony Blair. And come to think it, we have a whole bunch of folks running for US president who could use Black Holes' advice too." Famous weblogger Jesse Londin on her Space Law Probe on 20 December 2007.

At the Biannual Conference of the International Law Association (ILA), London, 2000. Further in the picture, from left to right: Dr. Jeremy Carver (ILA), Prof. Catherine Kessedjian (France), Prof. Stephan Hobe (Germany), Prof. Gerhard Hafner (Austria) and Prof. Karel Wellens (Belgium/The Netherlands).