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Career Frans von der Dunk

In addition to establishing Black Holes B.V., Frans von der Dunk has been appointed Professor of Space Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL) as of January 1, 2008. In this capacity he will be responsible for the space law courses and some capita selecta courses in the context of the new LL.M. Programme on Space and telecommunications law that will be offered as of the academic year 2008-2009, as well as for research activities in the field of space law. In the course of 2008, moreover, he was nominated as the Harvey and Susan Perlman Alumni / Othmer Professor of Space Law, to underline the importance UNL attached to the Space and Telecommunication Law LLM programme.

Prior to his assignment at UNL, in his capacity as first Co-Director, then Director Space Law, Frans von der Dunk had been responsible for the build-up of both academic and other activities in the area of space law at the International Institute of Air and Space Law of the Leiden University’s Faculty of Law since 1990. In that capacity, he combined academic education and research with a range of activities in the world of space activities and applications to make sure the real-life interdisciplinary background to the legal aspects did not get lost. He has thereby contributed to the establishment of that Institute as one of the leading academic centres in the world in the fields of air and space law. You may wish to have a look at his summary biography or some of his articles which are freely donwloadable.

In the years running up to the establishment of Black Holes B.V., he realised that the academic environment of the Institute was insufficiently equipped to handle many of the increasing and increasingly divergent demands of the ‘outside world’ for non-academic support activities, and was not able to accommodate the opportunities he saw emerging in that area. Hence the establishment of Black Holes B.V. as the proper vehicle to pursue such opportunities, as per the mission statement.

Already in his capacity as (Co-)Director of the Leiden Institute Frans von der Dunk has developed a large portfolio of professional activities undertaken on behalf of third parties, which continues to be extended with the establishment of Black Holes B.V. In the course of those activities, of which a selection of major projects is offered for your overview, he has cooperated moreover with most of the important players in the world of space activities and their key applications.

Frans von der Dunk meanwhile also continues to be active in the academic field through his part-time involvement in many relevant activities, as indicated by his academic biography, including his publications.
He also serves as series editor for the Studies in Space Law which are published with Brill, Leiden, the Netherlands, containing thorough studies of current legal issues in space activities and major space applications.
Most recently, he published the first comprehensive Handbook of Space Law with Edward Elgar Publishing.